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If you take some time to think deeply about the journey of our lives, you will notice that the divine story of Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Naomie, and many other biblical figures have great influence on our lives. These divine stories have inspired generations and continue to shape our lives through faith in Christ. 


After the fall of man in the garden of Eden, the human race has been peregrinating throughout the earth. We are like our Patriarch Abraham, we move from village to village, city to city, state to state, country to country, and sometimes continent to continent. We build different tribes and nations and divide ourselves disregarding that we are all children of God. While it is true the human race has been peregrinating in the earth, it is also true that many of us live our lives today without the knowledge of who we truly are and the godly inheritance that we have in Jesus Christ. In the book of Jeremiah, God said He knew all of us before we were even born. Therefore all of us are God’s heirs and coheirs with Christ; and if we are not conscious of this divine truth, we can literally spend our lives living in confusions and frustrations. In this book, Rolson St Louis shares some divine truths on how applying the word of God over his life has enlightened his consciousness and gave him visions and the knowledge of who he is and his inheritance through Jesus Christ. He proclaims, “Truth , life, grace, love, joy, peace, wealth, health, eternity, and wisdom are all in God and ours through Jesus Christ.”

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